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  • Clarifying an “Adrenaline Withdrawal”

    A senior financial executive, between projects, wondered whether his changed behavior— reflected in difficulty staying motivated in searching for new projects, social withdrawl, and too much time spent sleeping— might be the result of adrenaline withdrawl. Prior to downsizing, he’d always gravitated to challenging and active corporate situations. A brief chat with a consulting psychologist [...]

  • Thanksgiving: Holidays and Loss

    Unlike my experiences of posting resumes to the internet, my experiences of blog posting have been rich and rewarding. Your comments, however, conveyed by e-mail, have been personal because the posts have evoked a feeling or memory that is sensitive and private. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful that reciprocally, even through we’re [...]

  • Two Models of Self: Real and Ideal

    Practically, the Self comes in two models: the Self “I know”, or real; and the Self “as advertised”, or ideal. The difference is not simply a walk through the door separating the privately comforting reserve of one’s home from the world of non-intimate others outside it, with its bustle of continuous exchange in buying and [...]

  • Emotional Asset Diversification

    While we talk these days about Emotional Intelligence, there is not much discussion about Emotional Asset Diversification. Thinking about the more resilient clients I know, the quality that emerges consistently has to do with the range of activities or projects in which they engage. These are not only the simple work/play dichotomies, of what puts [...]

  • Resilience: First Impressions

    First impressions. I’d only spoken briefly on the telephone with two potential clients. Just enough to begin thinking about who they were and what they faced. Each was coping in a different way and under different circumstances. Michael had been out of work for eight months. He had worked in finance through a long and [...]

  • The Creative No

    One of maturity’s hallmarks of passage is a slow, situational assessment, the sudden knowing that “no, that’s not a good idea.” Unlike the rebellious “no” of late adolescence– which is much like the cocky seat of the pants “ of course!” of earlier adulthood, maturity’s “no” conforms to William James’ “ sure, slow heave of [...]

  • Executive Summary: Unacceptable Adult Losses

    Three categories of loss affecting the maintenance of healthy self-esteem result from the trauma of involuntary occupational displacement at midlife: economic deprivation; relational dislocation; and assault upon normative adult development.  Economic deprivation begins with “belt tightening” and limitation of the accustomed activities and purchases that allow the individual and family a subjective sense of leisure. [...]

  • Observations on Getting it Done

    Here is the story: attempting to conserve funds in the economic downturn, a downwardly mobile “middle class” neighbor withdrew her car from its accustomed parking space in a garage a block or so away. In Manhattan, this little bit of economic conservation is worth about $6000 after-tax dollars, annually. It was simple: either the car [...]

  • On Potential

    To be “potential” means to be capable of use, action, and effectiveness. At its root is another adjective,“ potent ”, that suggests power, strength, cogency, and force. Yet, when Human Resources designates someone to be of “high potential”, the thought moves forward to future talent pipeline possibility, and of course, either future success or downsizing. [...]

  • From Sloop to Kayak

    My client was discontent. He felt, he said, as if his competence was unseen. He worried that his considerable executive skills might atrophy. Though he lunched with colleagues regularly and stayed connected in his networks, he felt “out of the loop”. He felt unnecessary. Unneeded. Additionally, he felt poor— shrugging off the ten thousand he [...]


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