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  • “Recession Psychosis”

    My psychotherapist colleagues knew it was coming, but Saturday’s Times confirmed it: the severe symptoms of anxiety, despair, and even sucidality they’re calling “recession psychosis”— not a formal DSM diagnosis— but descriptive enough. Studies of unemployment reflect that downsizing is the only traumatizing life event which prevents sufferers from returning to their pre-morbid ‘setpoint” of [...]

  • Obama Spring

    January 28, 2009 is a “snow day” in New York: school is out (kids whoop!), New York City’s arcane “alternate side of the street parking” rules are suspended. Cross-town buses creep through Central Park. The harsh winter weather also has its delights: the dogs sniff the snow in curiosity, the cross-country skiers intrepidly take on [...]

  • Financial Regression in the Service of Banking

    Very rarely does Finance so precisely mirror Psychoanalysis. Yet, this week, the financial world both in the UK and in the US achieved a milestone: the peculiar mixture of positively valued and negatively valued assets upon the balance sheets of our quickly failing banks— an unsteady blend which might be seen as “ambivalent”—is to be [...]


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