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  • What’s Really Happening in the Market….

    If you’re paying attention to the media commentary, you’re chock full of the knowledge that a) the green shoots of recovery are harbingers of new global hope; b) we are in an extended bear rally; c) the strength of the market is based on our reduced expectations; d) we are approaching another roller-coaster dip, after [...]

  • Judging What We See

    David Brook’s article in the NYT of April 9 is worth reading. He couches it in the shift from moral philosophy to ethics, as informed by cognitive science. The subject is the simultaneous actions of perception and apperception: the instantaneous linkage of sense data and implicit judgment. For fun, he might have added that implicit [...]

  • A Conviction in Economic Recovery

    The word “conviction” confirms the outcome of a process of proving. After weighing the evidence, sifting through facts, conviction emerges cognitively through what William James called the “slow heave of the will”. Conviction is solid. Conviction is grounded, based on a foundation. Mania, on the other hand, is an enthusiastic effusion bouncing high in flight [...]


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