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  • Spinning the Wheel Faster

    It is official. Deloitte reports that the return on assets at US companies has been in free-fall since 1965. Competition has tightened margins. Both consumers and valued employees have benefited as prices have dropped and salaries have increased. And the counterweight to the bottom line problem (at least at banks) has been increasing leverage. Leverage [...]

  • Millennial Mash-Up and William James

    All the honor to you! To you, millennials, beginning or continuing college this year, toiling in late middle school, rebelling in high School under the harsh rod of Algebra 3…… All the Honor to you! I’ve just shown an antique to one of you: a prized, early album of Dave Von Ronk, alluded to on [...]

  • Green Shoots of Knowledge

    Something looked terribly familiar about the article by Gillian Tett in the Financial Times. It nagged at me for a day until I checked back in my blog archives and found that I’d been thinking along the same lines— that the models we use to understand our business world seem to be broken. That means [...]

  • Organizational Corrosion 2: Follow the Money

    In my last post, I wrote about a disturbingly corrosive organizational trend in which decisions with strong impact upon organizational clients are treated as “business as usual”.  While these clients are not always an organization’s end use customers, but rather potential partners in service delivery, the aura of unreflective action may strongly shape negative perception [...]

  • The Corrosion of Organizational Character

    We live in an era of turbulence as our assumptions of institutional stability are challenged. Typically, we are reminded with the headlines of our morning newspapers that particular institutions or their agents are the fault. From the patently illegal misrepresentation of Madoff to the squeaky clean optimization by financial organizations of their own bottom lines, [...]

  • Speaking Prose All Along…..

    There’s that old story about the fella who discovers that he’s been speaking prose his entire life. That’s what I thought, suddenly, listening to the recently self-employed gentleman, despairing of his recent downsizing. I call him self-employed, though he would not yet admit it: because he’s now on his own. He’s smarting because the conditions [...]


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