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  • The Financial Psychology of Everyday Life

    All of us responsible for steering families and loved ones through the increasing tangle of income, saving, and investment, should take a look at Mohammed El-Erian’s “Comfy old ways will not see us through” in today’s FT. He reminds us that we operate with incomplete and wrongly-framed valuation models which themselves focus on growth expectations [...]

  • Learning From Cases: 2. The Adrenaline Rush of Manic Trading

    Twitter has begun to serve the social function of anchoring day traders to one another in a virtual community. Checking in on one another’s picks and strategies, supporting one another’s creative trading approaches, the positive takeaway is that a lonely and isolating occupation has developed a communicative outlet. The downside is that as with drinking, [...]

  • On Finding a Language in the Confusion of Tongues: US Healthcare

    A rather remarkable debate in my undergraduate industrial-organizational psych class forms the groundwork for these thoughts. We begin with trying to think through the implications of David Brooks’ critique of Obama’s healthcare intiative in the NY Times a week ago. Not surprisingly, the effect of thought across a group of 27 individuals was to generate [...]

  • Sunny Skies and Hurricanes: Dress For the Weather

    Today’s economic weather according to Bloomberg is simultaneous sunny skies and hurricanes. As kids prepare to return to grammar school today, I’m reminded of parents’ concerns that they are dressed appropriately for the weather. But as investors (and yes, tattered holders of 401-k’s, up 50% from their Springtime lows), how do we? The fly in [...]


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