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  • Keynes and Business Consultation as a Temporary Work Organization

    As a business psychologist, reading Keynes’ “General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money” is a thrilling ride. Its like discovering that James Joyce’s “Ulysses” takes Freud’s  “Interpretation of Dreams” on the road to the living, breathing, web of a city and its people, going about their daily business. And its not just Keynes’ brilliant Chapter [...]

  • Developing Virtual Muscle

    The Working Knowledge Initiative is learning as it progresses: and this is learning that passes along to its participants. It wasn’t long ago, in my clinical practice, that I’d check in and out of my emails at the beginning and end of the day (listening to messages on the telephone answering machine sporadically). Like many [...]

  • The Working Knowledge Initiative: Giving Ideas Away

    Throughout our lives, most of us have heard the expression, “what goes around comes around”— usually as a bitter comment attempting to suggest consolation. Well, it is true. My colleague Annette Clancy of Inter-Actions, is a firm believer in the merits of giving it away: of floating ideas to others, in deepening the conversation, of [...]


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