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  • Valuing Selective Attention as We Risk

    BP is our tragedian of moment. Our anxieties are priced in the cost of its shares, off 50% since April. As investors, we anticipate significant punitive and reputational damages, eyeballing  the $30bn gap between worst-case scenarios and its $20bn escrow fund, puzzling on internal bets between our personal fantasies of corporate resurrection and bankruptcy. What [...]

  • BP & the Federal Government: When Strategic Alliance Works

    Tucked away on page 4 of today’s Financial Times is a story by Ed Crooks and Harvey Morris called “High level tensions behind the clean-up effort”. Its a most marvelous narrative both in its depiction of process and content in organizational cooperation. The context is familiar: the American populace, desirous of continuing our oil addiction, [...]

  • It Had Been Awhile and then: Paul Valery

    Blogging friends had warned me that my early enthusiasms would wane. “You’ll stop writing one day,” they said. “There are more addresses out there than there are bloggers.” Ghost writers, or perhaps Zombie sites. And they were right. Consulting projects and teaching assignments claimed my attention. Until, one day, last week, it occurred to me [...]


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