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  • Surfing the Oily Waves of Information: Parsing BP

    Like most of the folks I know, I have spent the last months surfing the waves of information coming at me about BP. I come away with a story about the dynamics of blame. Characters in no special order include: Transocean, Haliburton, BP, Tony Haywood, Obama, Congressional Democrats, Congressional Republicans, Hillary Clinton, the new and [...]

  • Globalization at Home

    I spent this languid, hot, July 4 weekend, reading Paul Theroux’s “Great Railway Bazaar”. More than 30 years old, its slow pace matched my reduced speed: like Freud’s directive to say whatever comes to mind, as if looking out of the train window at the passing countryside. So a few thoughts: 1) Globalization. Theroux’s post-Vietnam [...]


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