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  • From Poetics at Changan to Business in Xian: Reflections on Desire and Aging

    The Chinese poet, Du Fu, famously failed the civil service examination at Changan, present day Xian, some 1400 years ago. Scrambling, he found a calling in poetry (and a place in posterity), though continuing to bemoan throughout his life, the loss of a prestigious career and its benefits. Fittingly, by middle age, when he finally [...]

  • Harmony & Asian Business Consultation

    Consultation would not, could not, exist without workplace conflict at its root. Even under conditions of “harmony”— the Asian aesthetic ideal of concordant notes, tones, or contributions achieving a pleasing coherence. We are called to organizational assessment exactly because even within harmony, the sensitive ear detects dissonance. In consulting to multinational and regional organizations based [...]

  • A Flowery Assumption

    Quite literally, it lay at the bottom of the bag: the bag I was given, full of orientation materials for the Organizational Development course I was to teach in Taipei. And it? It was not the city map I had hoped for, but a pamphlet for the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. I didn’t get [...]


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