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  • On Knowing More Than You Know: the Bricoleur

    Here is  a Leatherman for your intellectual tool-kit,  a terrific notion which could very well be serve as foundation for   a talk I’ll be giving to equity investors in Sydney on June 21. It is from Levi-Strauss’ “The Savage Mind” (pages 17-18 in the University of Chicago edition, 1966): “The bricoleur is adept at performing [...]

  • A New Silk Road

    Gradually it has dawned on me that the new Silk Road is rather like dream-time: with tracks everywhere and separate tribal dreamings singing songs with different lyrics but overlapping and similar tunes. OK: so I have Australia on the mind; and the upcoming trip with talks about investor psychology in light of all we know [...]

  • June 2011: Depleted in America

    It is lonely in America. Sometimes, of course, our loneliness is stuffed full of self-satisfaction; but it often plummets in depletion to despair and confusion. These too are lonely states. From Reisman’s “The Lonely Crowd” to Lasch’s “Culture of Narcissism”, a trajectory of social development was begun with two recent contributions weighing in from the [...]


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