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  • Investor Suicide x Equity Shares

    The evolving position of the retail investor is as an independent entrepreneur, both exploiting and exploited by the characteristics and opportunities of investment markets as markets become subject to the risks and uncertainties of large group psychology. Decreasingly, the investor is aware of the decisions and events characterizing value determination both of 1) corporations and [...]

  • Inflection Point?

    The dog woke me at dawn today. With lovely first light streaming in from the East, I fired up the ole computer to read what I take to be the first signs of a new inflection point in this months-long market chaos and my “passive research”. After 5 successive higher closes, the US equities markets [...]

  • The Market as Object of Desire

    We all exist and grow in our subjective relations to people and things: the significant objects in our lives. But what kind of object is a financial market? Composed of anonymous contributions, it is compounded of decisions themselves based in feeling and thought. We relate to it as we do to a large group or [...]

  • Passive Research is to Markets What Action Research is to Firms

    Organizational consultants frequently engage in action research, adapting their methods with the multiple contexts of work demands and constraints. Following the organization of financial markets however, requires a different type of participant observation. I have come to think of it as “Passive Research”, attempting to interpret the ups and downs of actions by the electronic [...]


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