” Organizations must make sense of the past if they hope to manage the future. Only by coming to understand the patterns that form in their own behavior do they get to know their capabilities and their potential.”- H. Mintzberg

The Accord Advisory Group is a flexible work team, providing uniquely customized consultations centered in the psychology of individuals, groups, and business organizations. Accord’s collaborative method draws on its members’ complementary strengths in psychology, entrepreneurship, and management.

Together, we span the boundaries between disciplines, providing our clients with added value and insight.

Accord’s orientation in transforming complex and multidimensional challenge from problem to opportunity is founded upon collegial contribution. Tested and burnished through the shared professional experiences of its members and consulting partners, Accord extends collaborative method to its clients– whose contributions actively inform the conduct of inquiry and advisement.

This learning is grounded in clear problem definition 1) from the subjective perspective of the client  and  2) from multiple stakeholder perspectives as 3) the psychological situation develops through action toward its deliverable goal.

Ian S, Miller, PhD, MBA, Principal

Relationships with individual and organizational clients have taught me the value of balance and reflection in listening and active response. This learning– which requires drawing on what I know and feel in different combinations and at different times– has knitted my sense of professional identity beyond the areas in which I’ve formally trained– clinical psychology, management, and psychoanalysis.

Personal and professional identities develop and grow over time. We gain knowledge through experience. And then experience further teaches us to revise what we know as we move forward in our multiple roles and relationships. Psychological capabilities and competencies reside as much in our doing as in our knowing. Insight often emerges later, from reflection upon what we’ve done.

The Accord Group developed as the integration of my psychotherapy and consulting practices. It functions as a supportive, flexible, and mobile consulting tool— a consultation room with both local and international reach— as my colleagues and I work with clients, wherever we’re needed.

From within Accord, I practice psychotherapy, coaching, organizational  and family business consultation, as well as the development of new programs both for organizations and individuals in groups.

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Annette Clancy,PhD.  Inter-Actions Ireland Global Strategic Partner

Annette is  an organizational consultant, coach and psychotherapist whose skill is in helping her clients unleash their creativity in solving sophisticated problems such as: transitions; strategy; ‘stuckness’ and behaviour that should make sense but doesn’t.

In addition to her consulting practice, Annette worked for 12 years as a senior manager in Ireland’s creative arts industries. While her website lists her qualifications , Annette’s “real education” comes both from her capacities to build great client relationships and to use these as the platform for development of creative strategies.

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