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  • The Slow Lane: Waiting For Godot in a Dublin Bank

    Globalization has bound the world into a singular community. Travel, though, sometimes upends this notion. Having left New York a few weeks back, I find myself waiting for my identity to catch up with me in Dublin, which as everyone knows, has experienced some banking problems over the last few years. My own began simply. [...]

  • The New American Fantasy: The Imaginary Enemy & Subgroup Rivalry

    Down at the dog-run in Riverside Park, the election has already been won for a second term and the smart money is on the impending “fiscal cliff”, with cynical stories of stock broker promises for saving diminished middle class wealth through the next predicted debacle. Cooler heads were discussing the bigger picture and the sterling [...]

  • Obama, Romney, and US: Scripting the American Fantasy

    Listening to Mitt Romney and the President duke it out, however flaccidly, complete with incoherent mutterings from Clint Eastwood, the iconic High Plains Drifter of Italian spaghetti westerns, loved by conventioneers, who only wanted to hear him mutter his threatening, “c’mon and make my day” to satiate the group lust for blood, I decided to [...]

  • On Pessimism, Beckett, and Optimism

    Reading Beckett, reading Beckett’s reading of Proust, reading the intellectual regress back to Schopenhauer and Kant, I put down the books. I stop. It comes down to this in human affairs:  we know that on the way to dying, we live and experience. Obviously, not only good times, but the odd “peak” experiences, fade: sometimes [...]

  • Increasing Dominance of the Nonhuman Environment

    The New York cooperative building was facing a city ordered renovation that would cost each shareholder an additional $5000 this year, in excess of their 6% maintenance increase. It was a heavy burden; but there was nothing else for the board of directors to do, except to approve it. The work was ordered. There was [...]

  • Market Irrationality, Personal Insolvency, and Psychoanalytic Study

    Keynes’ sage observation that “the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent” organizes my thoughts today, on the psychoanalytic study of organizations.  The movements of financial markets increasingly shape our societal and individual choices, so present themselves as the environing conditions of our lives. While we seek to understand them through our [...]

  • A Pluralistic Unconscious

    Sometimes, reading too much psychoanalytic theory leaves me confused: a psychic stomach ache. And recently, trolling through a plenitude of historical papers, following the “Controversial Discussions” (those who know will know…), had left me, well, feeling rather claustrophobic! That’s where Christopher Bollas’ The Infinite Question opened the door: rather lyrically, he traces an unconscious beyond [...]

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