Coaching Clients know their jobs and are good at them. What distinguishes them from their colleagues is the critical resolve of striving to improve their game.

Whether an HR executive in Singapore, a serial IT entrepreneur in Dublin, a senior partner in a New York law-firm, or a Florida-based investment banker, coaching provides clients with a responsive and engaged sounding board for the resolution of complex life-work problems.

Like never before, today’s business workplace demands a balance of managerial skills and abilities in a super-charged environment of project and people demands: decision-making, influencing, team-building, motivating, and flexibly organizing and responding to the challenges of work both inside and outside the organization.

Consultations begin with the analysis of the internal and external environments relevant both to business and to emotional balance. Client engagement relates not only to strategy considerations both inside and external to the organization but must also focus internally- to personal assumptions, habits, and perceptions by which the executive locates herself in the business world.

The executive coach listens and advises, mentoring and supporting. In a world awash in information, the executive coach provides insights attuned to the individual executive with his specific strengths in his specific organization. Coaching facilitates the executive’s testing-out of jointly derived hypotheses, revising them and their usefulness for present and future problem-solving.

Most significant is the bottom line of executive coaching—its utility in delivering business results and in helping to clarify the emotional stumbling blocks that non-productively absorb so much energy and time.

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