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  • Increasing Dominance of the Nonhuman Environment

    The New York cooperative building was facing a city ordered renovation that would cost each shareholder an additional $5000 this year, in excess of their 6% maintenance increase. It was a heavy burden; but there was nothing else for the board of directors to do, except to approve it. The work was ordered. There was [...]

  • Developing Virtual Muscle

    The Working Knowledge Initiative is learning as it progresses: and this is learning that passes along to its participants. It wasn’t long ago, in my clinical practice, that I’d check in and out of my emails at the beginning and end of the day (listening to messages on the telephone answering machine sporadically). Like many [...]

  • Bridging Disciplines

    Psychological consultation, despite its qualitative breadth, runs a risk familiar to most organizations— from family units to multinational corporations: the silo. Silos are exactly what their agricultural images suggest: bounded containers within which a particular kind of stuff, product, or service, is kept. When the “stuff” is social science consultation, however, the separation of social [...]


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