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  • On Pessimism, Beckett, and Optimism

    Reading Beckett, reading Beckett’s reading of Proust, reading the intellectual regress back to Schopenhauer and Kant, I put down the books. I stop. It comes down to this in human affairs:  we know that on the way to dying, we live and experience. Obviously, not only good times, but the odd “peak” experiences, fade: sometimes [...]

  • Happy Days R Here Again

    Clearly, I was misinformed. I grew up on stories of the Great Depression: was formed by my parents’ memories of sufferings endured or imagined. My great-grandfather… who’d weathered the Russo-Japanese War and had cannily utilized his war-record after the Kishiniev Pogroms to purchase property formerly proscribed to Jews— just so he could embed his young [...]

  • Green Shoots of Knowledge

    Something looked terribly familiar about the article by Gillian Tett in the Financial Times. It nagged at me for a day until I checked back in my blog archives and found that I’d been thinking along the same lines— that the models we use to understand our business world seem to be broken. That means [...]

  • Speaking Prose All Along…..

    There’s that old story about the fella who discovers that he’s been speaking prose his entire life. That’s what I thought, suddenly, listening to the recently self-employed gentleman, despairing of his recent downsizing. I call him self-employed, though he would not yet admit it: because he’s now on his own. He’s smarting because the conditions [...]


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