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  • On Pessimism, Beckett, and Optimism

    Reading Beckett, reading Beckett’s reading of Proust, reading the intellectual regress back to Schopenhauer and Kant, I put down the books. I stop. It comes down to this in human affairs:  we know that on the way to dying, we live and experience. Obviously, not only good times, but the odd “peak” experiences, fade: sometimes [...]

  • Increasing Dominance of the Nonhuman Environment

    The New York cooperative building was facing a city ordered renovation that would cost each shareholder an additional $5000 this year, in excess of their 6% maintenance increase. It was a heavy burden; but there was nothing else for the board of directors to do, except to approve it. The work was ordered. There was [...]

  • A New Transition: Rethinking Career

    “It is exhausting?” (Yes it is) “Is it necessary?” (Yes it is) “I’ve never worked harder in my life” (Probably true) “Is there a “There” there?” (Barring unforeseen circumstances, of course…) Questions and answers between clients and psychologist: reporting back on the work necessary to create the successful transition between “what was” before unemployment, underemployment, [...]


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