The aftermath of the 9/11 attack called forth the professional contributions of consulting psychologists to a degree unprecedented in our lifetimes. Task-oriented teams of mental health professionals were formed from volunteer clinicians and deployed to multiple sites within the rescue and recovery effort.

Several of these efforts are documented here:

1. “America Responds”: Bill Moyers’ interview with Ian Miller, 9/13/01

2. “The Firehouse Project: New York City Post 9/11″ in Barbanel,L. and Sternberg,R (eds) Psychological Interventions in Times of Crisis, Springer, 2006

3. Ian Miller, “Preparation for Psychodynamic Consultation Following Community Trauma: Learning From the “Firehouse Project” International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies 5(1) 68-79 (2008)

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Consulting in the public interest: Post 9/11


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