Family business functions at the crossroads of two dynamic systems: the family and the firm.

Both systems are defined by the different pressures of developmental tasks and needs– not only of the systems themselves– but also of their constituent members.  Conflict and disagreement are often the by-products as the boundaries between family and business roles are tested.

Accord’s family business consultations help clarify and manage multiple boundaries while focusing on such specifics as

  • conflict resolution
  • succession planning
  • financial planning
  • executive development and coaching
  • compensation
  • shared management
  • competition
  • trust
  • the evolving business vision

We begin with a thorough assessment of the organization both as it is today and as it has evolved. Through extensive interviews, we prepare a thorough diagnosis of family members’ business and personal  interactions. Together, , we work with families to utilize this diagnostic assessment in thinking through, implementing, and assessing, action steps in business governance and strategy.

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Family Business Consultations


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