I woke up in the middle of the night with a singular dream image in my thoughts: it was an egg carton.

Thinking about it, I started to chuckle. I recalled it exactly. It had been about 40 years ago— and the first time I’d travelled outside the United States. I had been investigating the foreign experience of something familiar– a grocery store— when I came upon a shelf of empty, blue, plastic egg containers, each with compartments for a half-dozen eggs. Coming from a place where eggs grew naturally in segmented cardboard containers of 12, I was curious about this non-domestic experience. I sought out the (non-refrigerated!) egg section and found them piled– about 10 layers deep– in layers of about 3 dozen; and realized immediately that the plastic boxes were conveniences for transporting these loosely-bound eggs from store to kitchen.

My dream’s blue egg carton took me quickly to the Working Knowledge Initiative: where too, six individuals are “contained” in a temporary conveyance— a project team focused upon a joint business idea to which each team member brings her thinking, skills, and abilities. Team facilitation provides a time-limited structure (much like the plastic egg carton), for ideas to “hatch” (and here the idea of egg moves to the fertility of group creativity!).

Great dream image: temporary organization, the security it provides for the incubation of creative and fertile business thought, and the linkage of something learned long ago through personal experience (through evoked memory) to useful application in thinking, today!

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Working Knowledge Initiative: Security and Temporary Organization


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