“Our purposes and expectations come to be organized about particular relationships which are then crucial to the way we constitute the meaning of our lives.” - P. Marris

Systemic activity is not only internal, but shapes and reacts to the external press and perception of clients, competitors, markets, and social forces. Goals and objectives often become difficult to reach through unrecognized interpersonal and technological constraints. Through collaborative relationships with clients, the Accord team crafts organization-specific solutions for contemporary workplace difficulties. Mindful both of human and technological challenges, we advise and support clients’ changing perspectives from problem recognition and clarification, through evaluation, strategic planning, and implementation. Integrating business, technological, and psychological perspectives, Accord is committed to the strengthening of corporate and individual opportunities through engagement of executive leaders and teams in pragmatic dialogue.

Feel free to browse our blog where our latest thinking includes:

(note that Reluctant Entrepreneur.Biz thinking, often refers to “The Working Knowledge Initiative”– the project’s earlier name)

* case discussions

* Reluctant Entrepreneur. Biz ideas

* Reluctant Entrepreneur. Biz Successes

* Our Current Economic Climate

or, download any of the following papers. Papers are in PDF format and you can download a free reader here.

Scrum as Classic Teamwork by Ian Miller, PhD

From Scrum to Orpheus: Team Knowledge of Member Strengths by Ian Miller, PhD

Executive Coaching Notes: Negative Asset Return From a Simple E-mail by Ian Miller, PhD

Shaping The Right Question For the Right Results by Ian Miller, PhD

Learnings From the Reluctant Entrepreneur.Biz: an e-book

Investing- Learning From What You Already Know and Don’t

Waiting in Realization of Investment Value


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