Despite the best plans and intentions of individuals and their families, the complications of relationships, unexpected life changes , loss, and the challenges of work in trying economic times, sometimes require safe and supportive guidance to sort out the difficulties and anxieties clouding life’s horizons.

My psychotherapy work with clients has two aims:

1) to help you develop your own strengths and capabilities in clarifying and coping with your current circumstances

2) to help you recognize and identify unhelpful patterns that get in the way of dreaming, planning, and acting toward future horizons.

Psychotherapy proceeds according to your need, control and pacing. My role is to work collaboratively with you, both listening carefully and actively stretching your personal development.

After 25 years of practice, my approach is based on appreciation of the social, interpersonal, and biological systems that both condition our choices, and that evolve as we develop and mature, throughout our lives.

All psychological consultations, whether for individual or organization begin with complete assessment of the client’s current situation— including perceptions and assumptions about self, others, and psychological context. Psychotherapy aims to understand the impact of our social and personal relationships as we set realistic and relevant outcome goals upon which realistic and relevant actions are tested and revised. Throughout psychotherapy, feedback both between consultant and client, as well as between the client and relevant actions outside of consultation, are folded into our collaboration.


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