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  • It Had Been Awhile and then: Paul Valery

    Blogging friends had warned me that my early enthusiasms would wane. “You’ll stop writing one day,” they said. “There are more addresses out there than there are bloggers.” Ghost writers, or perhaps Zombie sites. And they were right. Consulting projects and teaching assignments claimed my attention. Until, one day, last week, it occurred to me [...]

  • Acquaintance With Others

    The art of curating one’s life presents itself in real-time challenges. The first step is in taking an internal inventory of the bits and pieces of personal history. Un-tethered from pride and shame— the borders of the familiar narratives we tell ourselves— what we’ve got is a fairly interesting assortment of stuff: like the tables [...]

  • To Blog Or Not To Be: That Is The Question

    OK: so its been a couple of days and no comments. I look at the short essay, survey it, sniff the air and wait. The immediate association was to a lemonade stand by the side of an untraveled road many many summers in the past. Now, my blogging chums have given me tips on traffic, [...]


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