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  • Equities and the Time Value of Emotion

    A commonplace in Finance I is the “time value of money”- the idea that future worth may be discounted to the present moment. But looking at the oscillation of stocks over a given time-period, spanning a universe of daily volatility unknowable in any discrete “present”, it makes you wonder about an equity’s present “value”. What [...]

  • The Dynamics of Public Blame: BP (and Groupon)

    I’ll be discussing the dynamics of blame and BP at the weekly case conference of the William Alanson White Institute, NYC; on February 22 at 10 AM. Here’s the announcement: February 22, 2011 – Blaming BP: Examining the Psychodynamics of Blame Ian Miller, Ph.D., NYU Postdoc & WAWI Org. Prog. The psychodynamics of blame will [...]

  • Surfing the Oily Waves of Information: Parsing BP

    Like most of the folks I know, I have spent the last months surfing the waves of information coming at me about BP. I come away with a story about the dynamics of blame. Characters in no special order include: Transocean, Haliburton, BP, Tony Haywood, Obama, Congressional Democrats, Congressional Republicans, Hillary Clinton, the new and [...]

  • Valuing Selective Attention as We Risk

    BP is our tragedian of moment. Our anxieties are priced in the cost of its shares, off 50% since April. As investors, we anticipate significant punitive and reputational damages, eyeballing  the $30bn gap between worst-case scenarios and its $20bn escrow fund, puzzling on internal bets between our personal fantasies of corporate resurrection and bankruptcy. What [...]

  • BP & the Federal Government: When Strategic Alliance Works

    Tucked away on page 4 of today’s Financial Times is a story by Ed Crooks and Harvey Morris called “High level tensions behind the clean-up effort”. Its a most marvelous narrative both in its depiction of process and content in organizational cooperation. The context is familiar: the American populace, desirous of continuing our oil addiction, [...]


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