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  • Continuous Iterations of Anxiety

    How has the world changed since 9/11? That was the question put to me by a colleague, anticipating an appearance on a radio talk show. He asked the question just as I had read online, that the Washington negotiations about the US debt ceiling were about to reach consensus, a day or two before the [...]

  • Knowledge and Denial

    This afternoon, after recommending a book to a friend, I found myself thinking about knowledge and denial. I had given her the book, Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahamed because I was finding its contextualization of an earlier financial crisis strangely comforting. And, although she preferred a strategy of remaining hazily unaware of specifics as [...]

  • Annals of Denial: Follow Your Bliss

    Two moments, several hours apart, gave me plenty to think about. The first happened, as three neighbors, all returning from walking our dogs in the park , paused on a street corner, to wait for the traffic light to change. We were chatting about friends and colleagues who’d recently become unemployed. A well-dressed, middle-aged man, [...]


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