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  • Online Equity Message-Boards as Virtual Workteams

    To paraphrase Tolstoy, all buoyant stocks are the same; while the issues sinking fast are all different. Two types of decline are notable: the first is cacophonous— in which too much information and noise are continuous, as with BP stock during the 2010 Gulf oil spill. The other is silent: with the stock‚Äôs initial drop [...]

  • Equities and the Time Value of Emotion

    A commonplace in Finance I is the “time value of money”- the idea that future worth may be discounted to the present moment. But looking at the oscillation of stocks over a given time-period, spanning a universe of daily volatility unknowable in any discrete “present”, it makes you wonder about an equity’s present “value”. What [...]

  • Stunned By the Dow

    Watching the market drop precipitously, again, I wonder at my friends’ silence. Exhaustion? Too much time since the last drop, too much hope spent (“my broker is a genius….see here, we’re up again!”) one time too many. Stunned? Incapable of considering the implications: too too too too to wrap the mind around. As I write, [...]

  • Emotional Asset Diversification

    While we talk these days about Emotional Intelligence, there is not much discussion about Emotional Asset Diversification. Thinking about the more resilient clients I know, the quality that emerges consistently has to do with the range of activities or projects in which they engage. These are not only the simple work/play dichotomies, of what puts [...]


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