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  • A New Silk Road

    Gradually it has dawned on me that the new Silk Road is rather like dream-time: with tracks everywhere and separate tribal dreamings singing songs with different lyrics but overlapping and similar tunes. OK: so I have Australia on the mind; and the upcoming trip with talks about investor psychology in light of all we know [...]

  • Proprietary Information: What Owners Don’t Own

    Adam Smith noted a simple disconnect in the Wealth of Nations: managers in joint stock corporations have the inside track relative to owners. Today, we call this the problem of agency. Were Adam Smith around for our information age, he would surely note, as well, that the information we call “proprietary”- which a corporation holds [...]

  • To Blog Or Not To Be: That Is The Question

    OK: so its been a couple of days and no comments. I look at the short essay, survey it, sniff the air and wait. The immediate association was to a lemonade stand by the side of an untraveled road many many summers in the past. Now, my blogging chums have given me tips on traffic, [...]


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