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  • Passive Research is to Markets What Action Research is to Firms

    Organizational consultants frequently engage in action research, adapting their methods with the multiple contexts of work demands and constraints. Following the organization of financial markets however, requires a different type of participant observation. I have come to think of it as “Passive Research”, attempting to interpret the ups and downs of actions by the electronic [...]

  • The Dynamics of Public Blame: BP (and Groupon)

    I’ll be discussing the dynamics of blame and BP at the weekly case conference of the William Alanson White Institute, NYC; on February 22 at 10 AM. Here’s the announcement: February 22, 2011 – Blaming BP: Examining the Psychodynamics of Blame Ian Miller, Ph.D., NYU Postdoc & WAWI Org. Prog. The psychodynamics of blame will [...]

  • Hearing the Tree Fall In the Forest

    Are team consultations, based in accomplishing task goals and sub-goals, possible in the absence of formal organization? The Accord Advisory Group’s StoneSoup Project says, “Yes!” However, the effort requires a catalyst, a common need. In a fast changing world, such imperatives may not be so difficult to find. They present themselves to us in the [...]


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