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  • Globalization at Home

    I spent this languid, hot, July 4 weekend, reading Paul Theroux’s “Great Railway Bazaar”. More than 30 years old, its slow pace matched my reduced speed: like Freud’s directive to say whatever comes to mind, as if looking out of the train window at the passing countryside. So a few thoughts: 1) Globalization. Theroux’s post-Vietnam [...]

  • It Had Been Awhile and then: Paul Valery

    Blogging friends had warned me that my early enthusiasms would wane. “You’ll stop writing one day,” they said. “There are more addresses out there than there are bloggers.” Ghost writers, or perhaps Zombie sites. And they were right. Consulting projects and teaching assignments claimed my attention. Until, one day, last week, it occurred to me [...]

  • A Conviction in Economic Recovery

    The word “conviction” confirms the outcome of a process of proving. After weighing the evidence, sifting through facts, conviction emerges cognitively through what William James called the “slow heave of the will”. Conviction is solid. Conviction is grounded, based on a foundation. Mania, on the other hand, is an enthusiastic effusion bouncing high in flight [...]


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