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  • Continuous Iterations of Anxiety

    How has the world changed since 9/11? That was the question put to me by a colleague, anticipating an appearance on a radio talk show. He asked the question just as I had read online, that the Washington negotiations about the US debt ceiling were about to reach consensus, a day or two before the [...]

  • Waiting on Investments

    Retail investment requires two kinds of trust:  one monetary and the other, a trust in expectations. Together, their demand for fulfillment is that the investor must wait. Necessarily, the investor spends a lot of time waiting: waiting for a good market entry point; waiting for a target exit point; waiting for market trends to turn; [...]

  • Waiting for Salvation or Damnation in a Stock Downturn

    Remember the sound of a falling tree in an un-peopled forest? Watching its price as a stock plummets in the absence of corporate explanation might echo the same sound: if the clamor from retail investors were not so loud! Recently, I’ve been studying equity message-boards in relation to investors’ management of anxiety as stocks descend [...]

  • The Essential Psychology Within Financial Investment

    We know corporations are legally bound to maximize self-interest. What about investors? The act of investment is in “laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit” ( wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn). Investment in financial markets occurs through the purchase of financial instruments. Profit is expected is through some combination of interest, income, and [...]

  • Resilience: First Impressions

    First impressions. I’d only spoken briefly on the telephone with two potential clients. Just enough to begin thinking about who they were and what they faced. Each was coping in a different way and under different circumstances. Michael had been out of work for eight months. He had worked in finance through a long and [...]


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