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  • A New Silk Road

    Gradually it has dawned on me that the new Silk Road is rather like dream-time: with tracks everywhere and separate tribal dreamings singing songs with different lyrics but overlapping and similar tunes. OK: so I have Australia on the mind; and the upcoming trip with talks about investor psychology in light of all we know [...]

  • Online Equity Message-Boards as Virtual Workteams

    To paraphrase Tolstoy, all buoyant stocks are the same; while the issues sinking fast are all different. Two types of decline are notable: the first is cacophonous— in which too much information and noise are continuous, as with BP stock during the 2010 Gulf oil spill. The other is silent: with the stock’s initial drop [...]

  • twitter’s dynamic organization

    Its been productive in linking me to thinking (writing) in areas of interest. And its follower-following network allows quick blasts to all and sundry. Here’s my first thought: dynamic principles about individuals and groups certainly apply. The same way a business or corporate entity follows a shortened human developmental line from start-up to mastery and [...]

  • Agility at the Edge: Initial Hypothesis on Chinese Leadership

    Today’s New York Times reports on Xi Jinping, next in line to assume leadership of China. Xi’s rise has been founded on ” political acumen, family connections and ideological dexterity”. Nice combination. Political acumen and ideological dexterity translate to “agility”, that critical capacity for negotiating turbulent environments as Chinese political power has become more diffuse. [...]

  • Too Loose in Place of Too Tight

    Attending a recent networking meeting of C-level executives, I was struck by an unaddressed cultural disconnect between presenters’ assumptions and the worlds from which attendees had come. Addressing “how to” aspects of job search, the recruitment and career advisement professionals uniformly advocated the use of social networking. Future jobs, they said, would come not from [...]

  • A Circle of Happiness

    Tolstoy was right. In a sense . All happy families are similar. But a brilliant study, just out in the BMJ, drawn from 20 years of epidemiological research in the Framingham Heart Study, illustrates how. Authors JH Fowler and NA Christakis trace the workings of social networks and the “contagion” of happiness among nearby friends [...]


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