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  • Redefining corporate self-interest

    The tumult of North Africa’s rising threw unexpected light on the defining qualities of corporate self-interest. Jacob Weisberg, writing in Slate, examines the three strategies of Facebook, Google, & Twitter in relation to Arab Revolt. And the upshot is that very different corporate “values” really do affect companies; and that acting on values may have [...]

  • Too much good stuff to contribute

    Just got off the phone with my friend Bob. And the subject got around to making a “contribution” to human-kind across the relatively short lifespans we’re allotted. We’d got past the part about the relativity of what we’d done; and the part about the challenges of the present and future; and even the part about [...]

  • twitter’s dynamic organization

    Its been productive in linking me to thinking (writing) in areas of interest. And its follower-following network allows quick blasts to all and sundry. Here’s my first thought: dynamic principles about individuals and groups certainly apply. The same way a business or corporate entity follows a shortened human developmental line from start-up to mastery and [...]

  • Learning From Cases: 2. The Adrenaline Rush of Manic Trading

    Twitter has begun to serve the social function of anchoring day traders to one another in a virtual community. Checking in on one another’s picks and strategies, supporting one another’s creative trading approaches, the positive takeaway is that a lonely and isolating occupation has developed a communicative outlet. The downside is that as with drinking, [...]


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