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  • Only Connect

    Marveling at our world of connectivity: instant access to everyone by Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter.  Still, the number one frustration of individuals seeking new employment remains the inability to get through, to connect. The appearance of connection is not the fact of connection. That requires response. And response comes from people. A paradox of contemporary life [...]

  • Lack of demand and the destruction of self-esteem

      Just having finished my earlier post, “Psycho-Economic Depression“, I came upon this by Fritz Schumacher, from “Small is Beautiful” (pages 203-204). It seemed to fit: If the nature of change is such that nothing is left for the fathers to teach their sons, or for the sons to accept from their fathers, family life [...]

  • June 2011: Depleted in America

    It is lonely in America. Sometimes, of course, our loneliness is stuffed full of self-satisfaction; but it often plummets in depletion to despair and confusion. These too are lonely states. From Reisman’s “The Lonely Crowd” to Lasch’s “Culture of Narcissism”, a trajectory of social development was begun with two recent contributions weighing in from the [...]

  • A New Transition: Rethinking Career

    “It is exhausting?” (Yes it is) “Is it necessary?” (Yes it is) “I’ve never worked harder in my life” (Probably true) “Is there a “There” there?” (Barring unforeseen circumstances, of course…) Questions and answers between clients and psychologist: reporting back on the work necessary to create the successful transition between “what was” before unemployment, underemployment, [...]

  • Speaking Prose All Along…..

    There’s that old story about the fella who discovers that he’s been speaking prose his entire life. That’s what I thought, suddenly, listening to the recently self-employed gentleman, despairing of his recent downsizing. I call him self-employed, though he would not yet admit it: because he’s now on his own. He’s smarting because the conditions [...]


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