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  • Duncan Donuts’ Linguistic Step Too Far

    It had happened before, but this morning I decided to discuss it with management: how my request for a “medium” coffee is met with the counter-person’s translation into “large”. It turns out that the 3 model cups on display are NOT small, medium, and large; but rather: medium, large, and extra-large. What happened to small? [...]

  • Emotions, Expectations, and Equity Message Boards

    Given that the annual trajectory of individual equities describes a bell-shaped price-curve reflective of aggregated emotions and expectations, there is a fascinating local development as passions and prices approach the tantalizingly underpriced (or overpriced) tails: the online message boards dedicated to individual stocks become the setting of passionate argument and diatribe reflecting the blood-sport of [...]

  • Equities and the Time Value of Emotion

    A commonplace in Finance I is the “time value of money”- the idea that future worth may be discounted to the present moment. But looking at the oscillation of stocks over a given time-period, spanning a universe of daily volatility unknowable in any discrete “present”, it makes you wonder about an equity’s present “value”. What [...]

  • The Psychology of Investment “Value”

    Warren Buffett has famously said about equities that “price is what you pay, value is what you get”. Hearing this, the investor nods: yes, it sounds correct— buy cheap, sell dear. But buy cheap, sell dear isn’t so easy. Something must transpire in order for this to happen. That something is the market’s attention and [...]


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