Beginning in 2007, Accord has designed and launched successful, creative and uniquely crafted teambuilding projects aimed at leveraging the knowledge assets of  mature, underemployed workers into entrepreneurial businesses.

Because of the psychological hurdles facing these mid-life professionals– often with little or no entrepreneurial backgrounds– we call this project ” The Reluctant Entrepreneur.Biz”.

A pro bono community roll-out of this model was successfully conducted during the Fall of 2009 under the auspices of New York City’s Congregation B’nai Jeshurun. It achieved national media attention.

What follows is a takeaway from the project. It reflects that in the experience of reluctant entrepreneurs facing the external world’s opportunities and threats, the conflict is evenly weighted between a lifetime’s accomplishments and situational stumbling-blocks to self-generated employment.

Here is a cloud image of participants’  self-described “Strengths”.

Among the group’s self-descriptions of strength are: planning, thinking, management, learning, creating, using, enjoying, capability, skill. Lesser strengths include: recognizing, calming, persevering, synthesizing, collaborating, investigating, multi-tasking, investigating, leadership, self-starting, and unafraid.

Here is a cloud image of  participants’  self-described “Weaknesses”.

Among the group’s self-descriptions of insecurity are deficiencies or lacks in knowing including: lack of skill, pervasive need, wished for  help and guidance, feeling overwhelmed; with lesser ideas including intimidation, disconnection, insecurity, reluctance, isolation, and stuckness .

Accord provides the psychological support and coaching guidance to achieve initial business success, emphasizing strengths and developing strength from perceived weakness.

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The Reluctant Entrepreneur.Biz


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