Increasingly, a very real decision made by many mid-career professionals (and driven not only by desire but also economic imperative) is the choice to transition to something new. While the new is always exciting, its challenging unfamiliarity may be unsettling.

En route to the new —whether to specialized entrepreneurship or to the construction of a creative post-career lifestyle, we can become caught in both anticipated and unanticipated traps.

While working through such problems earlier in life is a fundamental task of self-definition, the emotional and economic imperatives of midlife transition are hard enough without the additional burdens of re-engineering adulthood.

Accord consultations provide the reflective capability for individuals in transition to trouble-shoot and problem-solve seemingly insurmountable difficulties that stand in the way of significant life goals. Beginning with the location of goals within your personal life story, we help to define the evolving transitional situation in relation both to rational and emotional experience.

Through building strength in “learning how” to achieve new goals—-often through the generation of useful conceptual maps of different real-world possibilities based in present circumstances– we provide a personalized workshop for exploring, understanding, and expanding personal viewpoints and strategies.

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Mid-Life Transitions


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